Marsh Gem-ASP

Gem-APS - Phosphate and Ammonia reduction

Phosphate and Ammonia reduction

Introducing the latest innovation in our extensive portfolio of domestic wastewater treatment products: the Marsh Gem-APS (Aerated Precipitation System)

The Gem-APS is designed to further reduce phosphates, ammonia and BOD from wastewater that has been previously treated in a domestic sewage treatment plant.

Note: Remote alert monitoring available for dosing. This can alert either Marsh Industries or the occupier when additional chemicals are required (including SMS/Telemetry options).

Positioned at the outlet end of any existing sewage treatment plant, the Gem-APS treats the discharged wastewater in a controlled process, involving small volumes of chemical dosing and aeration, in compliance with British Water and local environmental regulations, allowing the remaining effluent to be safely discharged to a river, ditch or drainage field.

Chemical dosing amounts are pre-configured based upon the expected flows and loads of the sewage treatment plant (Full scaleable detail available). The Gem-APS can also be regulated to reduce phosphate levels further.

Marsh offers commissioning and servicing of the Gem-APS, it is strongly advised to use this service when setting up the unit.

Phosphate: 0.9mg/L
Ammonia: 0.4mg/L
BOD: 2mg/L

The Gem-APS is a unique innovation for use on sites where phosphate discharge is a problem or where ammonia and BOD requirements are strict for planning consent.


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