Civils / commercial sector

The UK commercial and industrial off-mains drainage sector plays a vital role in ensuring efficient water and wastewater management for non-residential properties. This sector encompasses a wide range of businesses, including factories, offices, retail spaces and more, each with unique water usage and disposal needs.

Off-mains drainage refers to systems that operate independently of the main public sewer network. Instead, these systems manage water supply, drainage, and wastewater treatment on-site. This approach is crucial for areas where connection to the mains sewer is impractical or unavailable.

Businesses in the UK prioritise effective off-mains drainage systems to comply with environmental regulations and to maintain sustainable practices. This includes the proper treatment of wastewater before its release into the environment, preventing pollution and safeguarding natural water sources.

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on innovative and eco-friendly solutions within the sector. Companies are investing in technologies such as advanced filtration systems and decentralised wastewater treatment to minimise their environmental impact.

Oil separators / petrol interceptors are featured heavily in the civils/commercial sector, especially on sites where there may be a significant risk from oil or fuel spillages.

As the demand for sustainable practices continues to rise, the UK commercial and industrial off-mains drainage sector is likely to witness further advancements in technology, increased regulatory scrutiny, and a shift towards more environmentally conscious approaches to water and wastewater management.