Marsh leads the way in advanced separator technology

UK environmental drainage manufacturer, Marsh Industries, has developed an innovative range of full retention oil separators that are at least 50 times better than the current EN standards.

The Marator range, tested to BS EN 858 parts 1&2 at the PIA GmbH test centre in Aachen, registered discharges of less than 0.1mg/l hydrocarbon content. The current EN standard requires a minimum discharge of less than 5mg/l.

The new systems utilise advanced coalescing filters as well as unique nanofiltration technology to achieve industry-leading test results.

Managing Director, Steve Boyer; ”We are bringing our range of Marator separators to market at a time where environmental sensitivity on capital projects has never been more important.”

“We realise that our customers have been using alternative products in this sector for decades without questioning the current standards. Standards which we believe could still pose an environmental concern.”

“As proven during the testing period, the quality of discharge from the Marator exceeded the measurable level of the test equipment not to mention the current EN standard.”

“Marsh Industries confidently offers the most modern, performance tested oil separator products that exceeds the most demanding environmental requirements, confirming our position as the industry leader in separator technology.”

The company also submitted the Marator manufacturing materials for impact testing and fire ignitability to EN-ISO11925-2-2010 with successful results. This is seen as crucial by civil engineers on all capital projects.

The Marator range is designed for environmentally conscious utility companies, distribution centres, power stations, petrol stations, car parks, leisure developments and retail parks.