Collection: Septic Tanks

Marsh septic tanks, tested and certified to EN12566-1 for installation throughout the EU, can be supplied as either “traditional onion shape septic” or low-profile "horizontal" (cylindrical body) tanks. Both types are suitably designed for high water table or hard rock conditions.

Normally the simplest and most economical means of treating wastewater from small developments, a septic tank holds sewage and allows solids to settle into sludge at the bottom of the tank. Here it is naturally broken down by a process known as anaerobic digestion, which provides settlement and some biological treatment. The effluent is not fully treated and must receive additional treatment before discharge to the water environment – the most common method being to spread the effluent to land via an underground drainage field.

Marsh septic tanks are manufactured using virgin resin (no chalk filler) and glass and is supplied complete with cover and frame. Two Lloyds registered lifting eyes or slinging points are fitted for ease of installation.

Delivery is normally four days from ordered placement.

Septic tanks are typically installed underground in a pea-shingle surround for normal ground conditions, however, concrete must be used for high water table sites.