Collection: Marsh Marator oil separator

Marsh:Marator oil separator – an innovative separator system that breaks the constraints of the current standards.

The Marator oil separator takes advantage of nanofiltration technology to produce discharge that is 50 times better than any current separator available on the market today; that is less than 0.1mg/ltr – the standard only requires less than 5mg/ltr for a ‘class 1 discharge’.

Testing was analysed for hydrocarbon content using infrared spectroscopy at GEOTAIX UMWELTTECHNOLOGIE GmbHA.

During the sampling period, five samples of 500ml were taken via the sampling point. The quality of discharge from the Marator exceeded the measureable level of the test equipment not to mention the current EN standard:

Sample Result GC in mg/litre (Industry standard <5mg/litre)
NS 6-1 <0.1
NS 6-2 <0.1
NS 6-3 <0.1
NS 6-4 <0.1
NS 6-5 <0.1
NS 6-6 <0.1


Typical applications

  • Car parks
  • Roadways
  • Industrial estates
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Refuel facilities
  • Fuel storage sites