Collection: Grease Separators

Available in capacities from 2800 to 20,000 litres, Marsh Industries’ Grease Management System (GMS★) range of grease traps effectively prevents Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from entering the drainage network or sewage treatment plants.

Testing and verification
Marsh Industries has reassessed the currently prescribed testing methods for grease traps and devised its own unique test rig and analysis at Loughborough University.

The rig, put to test for 12 months, addressed calls from the industry for clarity in testing procedures of grease trap technology. After completing trials, the new range of grease traps are the only products of their type that have been successfully tested using materials that match the FOG used in the food industry, as opposed to the traditional test method of using heating oils.

Typical applications where grease traps/separators may be required:

  • Bakeries
  • Canteens/kitchens
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Food processing factories
  • Hotels
  • Public houses
  • Restaurants
  • Social clubs