High performance, highly competitive sewage treatment plants for today’s cash-conscious market

Marsh sewage treatment plants are widely regarded as the most efficient, reliable and economical systems on the market.

Building upon the outstanding reputation of the Marsh:Ensign® range of sewage treatment plants, the Marsh:ENCO is a cost-effective alternative where competitive pricing is required.

Outstanding performance

Tested and approved to BSEN12566-3/A1:2009 all ENCO units provide treatment well within national consent requirements.

Unrivalled choice

Ranging in size from 6 to 16PE and with a wide range of ancillaries, almost all site, consent and budget requirements can be met by units from the ENCO range.

Why choose the Marsh:ENCO?

The Marsh:ENCO provides an economical alternative to standard and ultra sewage treatment plants. End users, merchants and installers alike recommend the Marsh range due to its ease of installation, reliability, and cost-effective operation and maintenance.