Collection: Wash Down Separator

Available in capacities from 2000-20,000 litres, the Marsh washdown oil separator range safely removes silt and debris from vehicle wash-down facilities.

These units are primarily used on car wash bays, pressure wash facilities or other cleaning facilities where the effluent must be discharged to the foul water drainage system.

It is a legal requirement to install a silt trap or wash-down separator on commercial sites, such as vehicle wash bays, where there is an environmental risk of contamination from dirt, brake dust, traffic film residue, cleaning agents, oil, etc. In all cases, you should contact your local building control or environmental agency for specific site requirements.

Easy access turrets for maintenance and servicing (Turret guards optional) are available. Variable invert depths and inlet/outlet configurations are also available ­­­to suit individual site conditions. Please contact Marsh Industries upon specification.

As with all Marsh products, the tank body is guaranteed for 25 years with a design life of 50 years, providing it is installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions