Uni:Gem★ septic conversion


arsh Industries’ latest innovation, the Uni:Gem★, is a unique septic tank conversion unit which exceeds EN12566-3 / EN12566-6 standards and conforms with 2020 General Binding Rules (GBRs for septic tanks or small sewage treatment plants for domestic use).


Positioned behind any existing septic tank the Uni:Gem★ treats the septic tank discharge to an effluent quality of BOD 12.25:TSS 16:Ammonia 14.845 mg/l (The UK Forward is less than BOD 20:TSS 30: Ammonia 20), meaning final effluent can be discharged safely to a river, ditch or watercourse.

The Uni:Gem★ provides notable benefits for existing septic tank owners, particularly those who need to upgrade or replace their septic tanks before 1st January 2020.