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Marsh WellWater Seine Packaged Pumping Station - 570 Litres

Marsh WellWater Seine Packaged Pumping Station - 570 Litres

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Marsh WellWater:Seine pump stations are available in storage capacities ranging from 141 to 5675 litres.

Each system is supplied as a complete unit with either single or twin free-standing submersible pumps and high quality internal pipework/fittings as standard.

These pump stations are typically used in smaller domestic or commercial applications for pumping foul water or sewage to mains sewer.

All packaged pumping stations are available as single or twin pumps & for sewage and effluent.



  1. Inlet
  2. Submersible pump(s) – Single or twin free-standing options
  3. Pump retrieval chain
  4. Non-return valve(s)
  5. Gate valve
  6. Outlet connection
  7. Ducting and cable entry points
  8. Vent
  9. Manway access
  10. Float bracket

Float configuration options
A. Pump ‘OFF’ float switch
B. Pump 1 ‘ON’ float switch
C. Pump 2 ‘ON’ float switch (on twin pump configurations)
D. High water float switch

Note: Floats can be fitted directly to specific pump systems. Please contact Marsh Industries to discuss your project requirements.



  • Designed to British Standard European Norm’s:
    BSEN12050 for structural strength and water-tightness
    BSEN752 to comply with hydrostatic and electrical requirements
    BSEN752-6 for drain and sewer systems in outside buildings
  • Smooth internal walls and integral pump well improves pump efficiency and eliminates ‘dead spots’ which can lead to odours and septicity
  • Variable invert depths and orientations ­­­to suit individual site conditions
  • Pre-assembled pipework for fully automatic operation
  • Unique ‘keying-in’ lip on WellWater:Seine range assists anchoring into concrete surround


  • Effluent - 32mm pipe work diameter 
  • Sewage - 63mm pipe work diameter
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